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Mindy Starns Clark
Each scene grows the tension...
     —USA Today
I couldn’t put it down.
Christian Fiction Online Magazine
...will leave you breathless at times, white–knuckled at others.
                                                  —Title Trakk
...stayed glued to my fingers until I devoured the last word.
                                        —RT Book Reviews Magazine
...a compulsive page-turner.
Church Libraries
The pages keep turning long into the night.
               —Arm Chair Interviews

There's nothing quite like it, the thrill of discovering one of "those" books, the kind that keeps you reading when you should be sleeping, that leaves dishes unwashed and phone calls unanswered and all your many to-do's un-done.

If that's what you're looking for—a book you simply cannot put down—then you've come the right place! Read now, sleep later. Just don't hate me in the morning. ☺
Mindy Starns Clark

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